May 27 (UPI) – A Swiss email provider said Thursday that an email according to Belarusian authorities contained an in-flight bomb threat arrived after a plane carrying opposition journalist Roman Protasevich was diverted to Minsk. ProtonMail released a statement contradicting claims by Belarusian officials that they alerted the cockpit crewRead More →

Time Warner Cable (TWC) was a US cable television company that Charter Communications acquired in 2016. After the initial acquisition, the Internet service operated under the name “Road Runner” was renamed and integrated with “Spectrum Internet”. Despite the rebranding of TWC, the company decided to keep the existing email addressesRead More →

A leading Canadian telecommunications company, Shaw focuses on connecting people with its seamless connectivity experience. Founded over 50 years ago, it provides people with various services such as home Internet, wireless, video and telephone services. Shaw strives to improve the customer experience by bringing its variety of services and productsRead More →