Animated short ‘Reena Ki Kahaani’, scheduled for release on Human Rights Day, aims to raise awareness of human trafficking

On Human Rights Day, December 10, award-winning filmmaker Shred Shreedhar. has plans to release his animated short Reena ki kahaani which speaks of human trafficking. The short film is designed for all age groups and is based on a real life incident. Directed by Sreedhar, animation and creative direction was provided by Ashish Wagh and PS Jayahari took care of the music.

Reena ki kahaani is based on the true story of Reena (name changed), a human trafficking survivor. She was sold in the flesh trade market on the basis of false promises to be saved later by Vihaan, the anti-human trafficking NGO, ”Shred Creative Lab director Shreedhar told AnimationXpress. in an email interview.

He revealed that they had chosen “folk as an art style to connect with the region where the story originated.” “It helped make the story more relatable. We illustrated, animated and composed using Adobe Illustrator, Flash CC and After Effects CS6, ”said the director.

The former Creative Vice President of National Geographic Channel India is hopeful that with this film a heinous crime like human trafficking will be more talked about in the mainstream media.

Regarding the choice of animation as a medium, Sreedhar said, “Animation as a format is visually appealing to children and adults alike. The aim was for the film and its message to be aimed not only at adults and caregivers, but also at children; thus a difficult subject was made acceptable to all age groups through an animated film so that the dangers could be understood.

The filmmaker is known for his work In our world, the autism documentary that was officially selected at this year’s NYC South Asian Film Festival SAFF. The 51st Indian International Film Festival (IFFI) shed light on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by presenting the brilliant In our world non-fiction film January 18, 2021.

Disclose details of his inspiration for the upcoming film Reena ki kahaani, he said: “After the IFFI, a representative from Vihaan met me earlier this year to discuss an awareness film on the evils of human trafficking. During the discussion, actual rescue operations were brought up which prompted me to focus on such a story to produce a narrative that would have more of an impact on the audience than just a series of things to do. and what not to do.

Sreedhar added, “We have films on various social issues. Human trafficking for the sex trade, forced labor and slavery is a billion dollar industry that gets lost in the news. More importantly, people need to know how to identify vulnerabilities and threats. “

According to him, there would have been no better day to shed light on this reassuring story of courage and human courage in the face of a brutal violation of human rights and of the spirit.

“Nothing celebrates Human Rights Day like the rise and triumph of the human spirit in Reena’s story,” he concluded.

Reena ki kahaani, the nearly 10-minute animated short, will be shown on Shred Creative Lab’s YouTube channel and other social media.