‘Batman Caped Crusader’, Urkel’s vacation isn’t progressing at HBO Max

Batman: Crusader Capedwhich 15 months ago received a series order from HBO Max and Cartoon Network, is among six animated projects that are no longer in production for HBO Max, sources confirm for TVLine.

TVLine learns that the six projects, mostly from Warner Bros. Animation, will continue production while they are purchased from other outlets.

This news, of course, comes amid a slew of programming changes in a transitioning HBO Max, where some projects are being canceled and others that are already airing on the service are (not so) quietly axed.

And as TVLine previously reported, there will be no fifth season of young justicesince HBO Max had only ordered one season of the superhero team-up series and the original plan remains unchanged.

Batman: Crusader Caped is an animated reinvention of Batman mythology through Batman: The Animated Series‘ own Bruce Timm, with JJ Abrams, Matt Reeves and Ed Brubaker also serving as EPs. Reeves of course directed The Batmanthe most recent live-action take on the big screen of the Dark Knight (now played by Robert Pattinson), while Abrams – plus of course many star trek and star wars projects, as well as televisions Lost and A.k.a – is an EP on HBO Max still in development Justice League Dark series.

Using cutting-edge animation techniques and technology, WB Animation’s creative partnership with EPs promises to “reimagine Batman and his iconic rogues gallery with sophisticated storytelling, nuanced characters and intense action sequences, all in a visually arresting world.”

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