Cartoon Voice’s Most Recognizable Yogi Bear, Animation Voiceover Report Released

Voices, the world’s largest voiceover actor marketplace, has launched a new report exploring the most recognizable cartoon and video game voices, and which voice talents people would most like to hear in upcoming productions.

Yogi Bear, despite not even being in the top 3 for Millennials or Gen Z, was found the most recognizable cartoon character voice by a majority of US participants who were asked to listen to sound clips and try to recognize the voices of popular cartoon characters. According to a new report launched by Voices, 55% of participants recognized the voice of Yogi Bear, while only 36% recognized the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants.

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The new Voices report highlights generational differences in voiceover work, as Gen Z found SpongeBob SquarePants to be the most recognizable voice. Another generational divide presented in the report concerns Homer Simpson, who is the most recognizable voice of the Millennial generation, but barely recognized by Gen Z.

The report breaks down the percentage of participants who recognized many popular voices from cartoons and animated films, including Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, Mickey Mouse, Shrek and Charlie Brown. It also lists the emotions participants most often associate with popular voices, such as showing that Bugs Bunny is considered the funniest voice, while Simba from The Lion King is considered the coolest.

Voices also asked participants to listen to sound clips of voiceover actors from video games, while ensuring that none of the clips included any slogans or slogans. He found the most recognizable voice actor for video games to be Ashley Johnson, the voice of Ellie Williams from “The Last Of Us” franchise.

When asked to describe what emotions are associated with video game voices, participants said that while Sonic the Hedgehog is the friendliest voice and Mario the funniest, the Joker is the most annoying.

The report concludes with an exploration of the voice actors participants would most like to hear in upcoming productions, finding Tom Holland and Antonio Banderas leading for animated films, and Morgan Freeman topping the list for future ones. video games.

Voices is the world’s largest marketplace for voiceover artists and audio production services, with over 2 million members and over 15 years of experience connecting voiceover artists with producers.

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