Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open source alternative to Microsoft Outlook. But unfortunately, as a full-fledged business email application, the default interface is often too complicated for millions of users who simply want a one-to-one address personal email client with address book functionality of base. Fortunately, Thunderbird is highlyRead More →

Email Security and Protection, Fraud and Cybercrime Management, Incident and Breach Response Researchers have identified a cross-site scripting vulnerability Prajeet Nair (@prajeetspeaks) • April 22, 2022 Attackers gain full control of a session if an email is viewed. (Source: RainLoop website) Researchers have discovered a code vulnerability in RainLoop, anRead More →

Internal testing here at ProPrivacy and comment threads on British Telecom’s (BT) own support forums seem to suggest that the venerable UK telecoms provider has taken steps to restrict access to its webmail platform if you connect through a VPN. Comment threads on BT’s support forums first appeared in NovemberRead More →

Galway Bay FM Newsroom – Concerns were raised by Galway Councilors at their last meeting over the security of the Council’s webmail and computer storage system. Plans for additional protection from hackers have been outlined by management, but on a broader front, city CEO Brendan McGrath said he would neverRead More →

This tutorial is about creating rules in Outlook 365 webmail. We will do our best to make sure you understand this guide. I hope you will like this blog How to create rules in Outlook 365 webmail. If your answer is yes, please share after reading this. Check how toRead More →

User privacy concerns regarding existing messaging services eFind, LLC today announced the official launch of its free webmail service to millions of Internet users. eFind Mail is now used by people who value the confidentiality of their email communications. The company’s innovative messaging service allows anyone to use it. “WeRead More →

When hearing about MIS Webmail, most are slightly bewildered. Despite the fact that we tend to be so used to innovation, once there is something gigantic, it makes us feel an abnormal touch. The free and informative Australian government entry ride is wonderful. The only concern of the bigger linersRead More →

Two security bugs in Zimbra’s webmail could allow an adversary to access and control mail servers. Although the vulnerabilities have been addressed, they have potentially put thousands of businesses around the world at risk. Zimbra bug-prone mail servers SonarSource researchers discovered two different security bugs in the open source webmailRead More →

Popular webmail services such as Roundcube, SquirrelMail, and Horde allow you to access and use the personalized @ email address connected to your website. To avoid missing priority emails, you can set up email forwarders to send a copy of each incoming email to a predefined email address, orRead More →

Time Warner Cable (TWC) was a US cable television company that Charter Communications acquired in 2016. After the initial acquisition, the Internet service operated under the name “Road Runner” was renamed and integrated with “Spectrum Internet”. Despite the rebranding of TWC, the company decided to keep the existing email addressesRead More →

A leading Canadian telecommunications company, Shaw focuses on connecting people with its seamless connectivity experience. Founded over 50 years ago, it provides people with various services such as home Internet, wireless, video and telephone services. Shaw strives to improve the customer experience by bringing its variety of services and productsRead More →

As a leading telecommunications company, Shaw is committed to providing customers with seamless connectivity and a user-friendly experience. Having served customers for over 50 years, Shaw now offers a wide variety of Internet and other telecommunications services. Shaw Webmail is another easy to use service provided by the Canadian telecommunicationsRead More →

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The University of Texas at El Paso said all email accounts were restored, along with webmail, on Friday night. The university also said it had confirmed that UTEP’s backup servers had not been compromised and that PeopleSoft and payroll had not been affected. UTEP willRead More →

Telkom is the region’s largest telecommunications service provider. The company supports residential, small and business customers with Internet, voice, messaging and mail services. Telkom’s messaging services have attracted undue attention in the recent past, with affected users stepping up their protests on major social media platforms. We have analyzed andRead More →

How can businesses protect their sensitive data and prevent employees from falling prey to phishing attacks? In today’s digital age, virtually every organization faces a cybersecurity battle to protect their data. Winning this battle requires the engagement of security experts, securing assets, strengthening authentication and user training. According to theRead More →

According to the APWG report, phishing attacks continued to increase in the summer of 2019, with cybercrime gangs focusing on branded webmail and SaaS providers. The report also documents how criminals are increasingly committing Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks using gift card withdrawal systems. The number of phishing attacks seenRead More →

Some users of Microsoft’s webmail services, such as, had their account information exposed in an incident which, as later became known, also impacted email content. Microsoft has acknowledged a security incident that for nearly three months allowed hackers to gain access to information relating to an unknown number ofRead More →

Hackers compromised Microsoft’s webmail services, including accounts and MSN and Hotmail addresses, for months using the credentials of a customer support agent. In an email sent to affected users, Microsoft said hackers could potentially gain access to email addresses, email subject lines, folder labels, and names of other emailRead More →

Microsoft has reported a breach of its webmail service that exposed a “limited” number of email accounts to criminal intrusion. Compromised Microsoft webmail services Microsoft has confirmed TechCrunch today that some of their webmail users saw their email accounts exposed to intruders between January 1 and March 28 after obtainingRead More →

Dear Customer Microsoft is committed to providing its customers with transparency. As part of maintaining this trust and commitment to you, we are informing you of a recent event that affected your Microsoft-managed email account. We have identified that a Microsoft support agent’s credentials have been compromised, allowing people outsideRead More →

Most targeted industrial sectorsAPWG Report, 4th Quarter 2018According to the latest Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) report As the total number of conventional spam-based phishing campaigns declined in 2018, users of Software as a Service (SaaS) systems and webmail services are increasingly targeted. The decline: “The number of confirmed phishing sitesRead More →

Linux email provider @Mail Monday has released an open source version of its webmail client and is making it available for free. The client, @Mail Open, is AJAX-based and works with any mail server that supports IMAP and POP3 mail protocols, including those from Microsoft and IBM/Lotus. Linux email providerRead More →

Returning Penn State students noticed a lack of activity in their WebMail inbox. Returning Penn State Students: If Webmail has instructed you to switch to Office 365 and you haven’t already, PLEASE CHANGE ASAP! You may have missed messages sent to your PSU email address. Thank you for sharing thisRead More →

Researchers at RIPS Technologies have spotted a command execution vulnerability in the open-source Roundcube webmail software that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the host’s operating system. The vulnerability exists in Roundcube 1.2.2 and earlier, is considered highly critical, and is relatively easy to exploit, according toRead More →

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Hostopy®, a Deluxe Corporation company and a leading provider of private label web services and corporate communications tools, has released a new version of its proprietary webmail solution for service provider resellers. The upgraded version incorporates new intuitive task management features, online storage andRead More →

Security researchers have discovered a new cybercriminal approach that takes advantage of Microsoft’s webmail server to gain access to corporate systems and potentially steal information. Webmail servers are vulnerable Israeli company Cybereason presented details of its findings, which showed how Outlook Web Access (OWA), the webmail server associated with Microsoft’sRead More →

Several student email accounts were phished on Sunday, September 6. Since phishing is an Internet scam, it is important to disregard emails that do not represent known organizations. “Phishing is an Internet scam and a viable way to get your personal information,” said Mike Asoodeh, chief information officer. “Please noteRead More →

What does webmail mean? Webmail is a web-based email system. These types of server-based email systems are popular, especially with younger users. They provide a convenient alternative to email services that reside on a particular workstation, such as Microsoft Outlook, where getting emails requires a connection to the server andRead More →

Google is trying email overload again, but this time it’s resorting to drastic measures, developing a new product seemingly built from the ground up without relying on Gmail. The new messaging app from the Googleplex is simply called Inbox and, according to a blog post from Sundar Pichai, head ofRead More →

For most people, webmail is their primary personal account – used for everything from keeping in touch with friends and relatives to dealing with banks, government, shopping sites, and other online services. . The ‘Big 3’ are Google’s Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and from Microsoft (formerly Hotmail), and even twoRead More →

Yahoo Mail will be end-to-end encrypted next year, the company promises. yahoo LAS VEGAS – Your webmail will be more secure from prying eyes – sometime next year. That’s the promise Yahoo and Google make to users of their email services, who together make up the vast majority of webmailRead More →

Declan McCullagh/CBS Microsoft has pulled back the curtain on its implementation of stricter encryption standards for webmail and some cloud services, the company announced on Tuesday. Under construction for more than six monthsMicrosoft has now enabled Transport Layer Security Encryption (TLS) for its webmail services on,, andRead More →

It shouldn’t have been a surprise at all, but Edward Snowden’s leak of NSA information has raised awareness that our data in public clouds, like Gmail, is not entirely private. The government can get a warrant for this and the cloud company can (make sure that “must”) give them accessRead More →

Aol breaks with the past with a new webmail app. Through JOANNA STERN October 17, 2012, 20:35 • 4 minutes to read Share on FacebookShare on twitterEmail this article October 18, 2012 ?? — “You have an email!” Ah, the words so many of us associate with our first emailRead More →

Microsoft is replacing its Hotmail webmail service with a new browser-based version of Outlook, its desktop email application. The company said the new webmail site will have a cleaner look and work well with smartphones and tablets. It will remove display ads and large search boxes that take up spaceRead More →, Microsoft’s relaunch for Hotmail, has already seen over a million new signups from users wanting to try it. The wilds also quickly grabbed available email addresses, beating the Microsoft CEO in the fist by typing [email protected] and [email protected], for example. While these addresses were undoubtedly acquired for fun, thereRead More →

2012 is certainly a busy year for Microsoft. Compared to innovative competitors like Apple and Google, Microsoft appears to most young consumers as a geriatric company, a company that makes clunky, yet reliable software. The Fortune 500 company tried to tackle that image this year by releasing the sleekest WindowsRead More →

Y’all can quit with all the Hotmail jokes. Microsoft unveiled today it’s new webmail Platform,, and it looks amazing. Seriously. In line with Microsoft’s transformation of all software properties, Outlook webmail adopts the clean and simple design of Microsoft’s Metro user interface. Anyone who has ever had Windows 8Read More →

Some of the world’s largest webmail system providers are partnering with financial services companies to combat phishing emails. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and AOL are all backing Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC), a draft technical specification designed to reduce fraudulent email and introduce an authentication system that helps sendersRead More →

Facebook is completely rewriting its email product and preparing to launch a full webmail product in its place, according to a source with knowledge of the product. Internally it is known as Project Titan. Or, unofficially and perhaps too enthusiastically, the Gmail killer. Facebook messaging has been the bane ofRead More →

Users who prefer webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Live Mail over desktop email software face a problem that desktop users don’t have. They have to visit the email service’s website to check if any new emails have been received since the last visit, which can be especially problematicRead More →