Connecting to Internode Webmail – Account Setup and Support

Internode Webmail is the webmail service of the Australian Telecommunications Company, Internode. An active subscription to Internode’s broadband service comes with a free e-mail address for its users. All you need is a device with an internet connection to send, receive, forward, delete and save emails from anywhere in the world.

Are you currently an Internode customer looking for a guide to setting up your webmail? We will help you. Read on to the end for more details.

About the internode

Internode is an Internet service provider based in Australia. Internode is the brand name of Internode Pty Ltd. Founded in 1981; the telecommunications company is headquartered in Adelaide, Australia. Internode currently operates as a subsidiary of the parent organization TPG Telecom Limited. The products and services provided by Internode range from Broadband (NBN Broadband Services), Business Class Broadband Access, Web Hosting, DNS, VoIP, VPN, VPDN, Internet ‘IBC and roommates, to name a few.

Inter-node webmail

Internode provides a free primary email account for users of Internode broadband services. Internode’s web mail address is [email protected]. With Internode Webmail, you can create up to 4 secondary email accounts, free of charge. All email accounts support a 15 gigabyte storage limit in Internode Webmail. In addition, each email can contain up to 10 megabytes of attachments when sending and receiving. Some of the most exciting benefits that you can enjoy as an Internode webmail user are secure email, spam blocking, virus filtering, auto responder, and mailbox manager. Read on for more details.

home page

How to connect to the Internode Webmail?

Go to the official Internode website at

Scroll down and locate the “Webmail” option in the section in the lower left corner.

Click on “Webmail” to access the Internode Webmail login page.

The direct link to the Internode Webmail login page.

Enter your e-mail address and password for Internode Webmail in the corresponding fields and click on “Login”.

internode connection

How to reset the forgotten password for Internode Webmail?

Suppose you forget the password for your Internode webmail account; carefree. There are ways to recover or reset your password.

  • Access the “Webmail” option from the Internode home page.
  • In the Connection section that appears, click on the “Forgot your password?” Link. “.
  • Enter your username, which is the first part of your email address, excluding the domain name, in the first column.
  • Enter the mobile number registered with your Internode service or your e-mail in the second column.
  • Complete the captcha verification by clicking on the “I am not a robot” option.
  • Click the “Recover Password” button.

You will shortly receive an SMS from the Internode team with your password for Internode Email.

Reset password

If you are unable to recover the password using the option mentioned above or if you encounter a technical error, you can contact the Internode support team. Access the link to complete an online form and submit your support request to Internode.

Internode Webmail mailbox manager

Mailbox Manager is the internode webmail feature that allows users to create or delete additional email accounts. Mailbox Manager allows for the efficient separation and management of multiple mailboxes from multiple accounts with appropriate privacy for internode webmail.

  • In the window that appears, enter your Internode username and password.
  • Select the type of Internode service you are using from the drop-down menu. (for example, broadband)
  • Click on the “Login” button to redirect to your “My Internode account”.
  • Go to the “My e-mail” option and choose “Manage mailboxes”.

A list of your current mailboxes (internode mail accounts) will be displayed and you will find options to add or remove a mailbox.

mailbox manager

How to add email accounts or mailboxes in Internode Webmail?

Log in to your Internode Mailbox Manager option. (Refer to the section above)

In the taskbar at the top, select “Add an additional mailbox”.

On the screen that appears, enter a username for the new email address in the “Mailbox Username” column.

Enter a strong password for the account in the “Password” field and confirm it by re-entering it in the “Confirm password” column.

Then click on “Add an additional mailbox” to complete the new Internode Webmail address.

add mailbox

How to configure Internode Webmail on iOS?

To configure Internode Webmail on iPhone, iPad or iPod, follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings. “
  • Select the option “Mail, Contacts.” Calendars “or” Mail “.
  • Tap the “Add Account” option.
  • Press “Other” then “Add an e-mail account”.
  • Enter the information according to your Internode email account (name, username, password, description) and press “Next”.
  • Your device will check your email settings and configure them automatically.
  • Click on “Save” and your configuration is complete.

The settings

How to configure Internode Webmail on an Android phone?

  • Open the phone’s “Mail” application.
  • Go to “Settings”, then choose “Add Account” or tap “Add Account” if the option is available there.
  • Select “Add a new account”.
  • Enter the correct email account information associated with your Internode webmail account and press “Next”.
  • Choose the type of account as “IMAP Account”.
  • Enter your username and password in the respective fields.
  • Enter the IMAP server field with
  • Enter 993 in the “Port” field.
  • Select the “SSL” or “SSL / TLS” options for the “Security Type” field.
  • Leave the “IMAP Path Prefix” field blank and press “Next”.
  • In the outgoing server settings displayed, type for the “SMTP server” field.
  • The “Security Type” is the same as “SSL” or “SSL / TLS”.
  • Enter 465 in the “Port” field.
  • Confirm your username and password, then tap “Next.”
  • Follow the prompts, confirm your Internode webmail account and press “Done” to complete the setup.

Inter-node webmail setup guides for different devices / programs / applications

For detailed setup guides for Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Android, Mac Mail, iOS, etc., visit the webpage.

How to contact customer support at Internode Webmail?

  • You can call the Internode helpline by dialing 1300 788 233 for any assistance or assistance required.
  • There is an option to fill out an online form and submit your query specifically and in detail to the Internode support team. Access the form in the link below.
  • For any help or doubts regarding sales and support or setting up your messaging for the first time, call the Internode sales and support team on 13 66 33.
  • For all kinds of questions and issues requiring technical assistance, you can contact the Internode Technical Support team by dialing 1300 788 233.

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