Freeform commissions animated series with Annie Murphy and John Cho among the cast

Freeform is getting into animation for the first time, with the core cabler commissioning the “Praise Petey” series while also announcing the development of two other animated shows.

“Praise Petey” is from “SNL” writer Anna Drezen with “Schitt’s Creek” star Annie Murphy in the lead role. The show follows Petey (Murphy), an “it” girl from New York who has it all until her life crumbles around her. Luckily, a mysterious gift from her father breathes new life into her: she is going to “look into” the modernization of her cult of the small town. The series will begin production in early 2022.

The voice cast also includes: John Cho (“Cowboy Bebop”) as the Bandit, a potential love interest in Petey and a cult member since childhood whose mother was a high ranking member; Kiersey Clemons (“The Flash”) as Eliza, bartender at the local bar and reluctant BFF towards Petey, working in her new cult; Christine Baranski (“The Good Fight”) as White, Petey’s mother. She’s a magazine editor, Manhattan society woman, and terrifying perfectionist who has never eaten, tasted, or seen ketchup; Amy Hill (“Magnum PI”) as Mae Mae, the southern mother of the bandits brimming with southern hospitality and who happens to be the right hand of a cult leader; Stephen Root (“Barry”) as the loving father of Petey, a charming, artisanal, stone-cold cult leader with some pretty unique ideas about meditation, space, jumping up and down in a field, and how his lineage is necessary for the salvation of mankind. He may or may not be dead.

Drezen created the series and is its executive producer. Monica Padrick is also an executive producer with Mike Judge of Bandera Entertainment, Greg Daniels and Dustin Davis as well as Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico of ShadowMachine. The series is produced by 20th Television Animation, with animation by ShadowMachine.

“I can’t believe I could do this show with so many funny and smart people,” Drezen said. “Starting to work with Monica, Bandera, Freeform, ShadowMachine, 20th Television Animation and this amazing cast has been a blast and a dream – a bleum. This rule.

“Anna Drezen’s comedic voice and POV on life and pop culture are perfect for Freeform,” said Jamila Hunter, executive vice president of programming and development for Freeform. “Stepping into the animation space in partnership with prolific creators like Mike, Greg, Anna, Monica and Dustin is like arriving at a party with the coolest kids in town. We can’t wait to share their hilarious show with our audience.

“It was such a noisy way to get into animation with a female protagonist, which you don’t often see in the animation space. It tends to be a bit more male-dominated,” he said. pursued Hunter in an interview with Variety. “Putting people who are often on the sidelines in the first place and letting them be the driving force behind the comedy and having fun experiences, that’s really who we are at Freeform and that’s what our audience expects from us. “

Drezen is replaced by WME, Artists First and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller.

According to Hunter, there has been a push to enter the animation space at Freeform for quite some time, even before he arrived in 2019.

“Our brand is focused on Gen Z and Millennial audiences and animation is a huge space for them,” she said. “So this is something that predates my time at Freeform, the team was working on creating an animation list… The things we are talking about now are honestly projects that have been going on for quite some time and that are starting to materialize. realization.”

Freeform also announced the development of two more animated comedies, both of which will also be produced by 20th TV Animation.

“SupaShawty Girls, Funkamatic BangBang” comes from screenwriters and executive producers Adamma and Adanne Ebo, with Tiffany Haddish and Melanie Clark also executive producers. The show follows Yeze and Tule when a freak lab accident turns the twin students into superheroes. They must learn to manage their brand new superpowered life with the growing pains of adulthood. Unfortunately for humanity, they would actually rather kick him than kick his ass and save the world.

There’s also “Wallflower” from screenwriters and executive producers Julia Edelman, Danielle Uhlarik and Olivia de Recat. The show follows Ren, a quick-witted introvert who has the power to communicate with his houseplants. With misguided help from his charming but dysfunctional greenery ensemble, Ren awkwardly navigates the many anxieties of being in his twenties.