Galway Councilors are expressing concern over the security of webmail and the computer storage system within the council

Galway Bay FM Newsroom – Concerns were raised by Galway Councilors at their last meeting over the security of the Council’s webmail and computer storage system.

Plans for additional protection from hackers have been outlined by management, but on a broader front, city CEO Brendan McGrath said he would never consider a paperless system in council.

Councilor Declan McDonnell put the global reach of the global web into perspective at the last city council meeting when he suggested that everyone was under threat of cyberattacks from the Russians.

Mayor Colette Connolly suggested that naming a single country was not appropriate and Councilor McDonnell removed the mention of Russia. However, this did not reduce the concern of many councilors that hackers could cause incalculable damage to the city council.

Digital officer Elaine Naughton said 12 people would be involved in the system and a number of measures – including early warning systems – were in place in the event of an attempted cyberattack.

Closer to home, Councilor John Connolly questioned goals such as paperless advice by 2025. Councilor Connolly said many people do not have access to digital services and are unaware of these systems.

City Council CEO Brendan McGrath said there could never be a completely paperless council because hard copies would still be needed in certain circumstances.