How to access the Webmail horde connection with or without CPanel

Use Cpanel login to get webmail login page for Horde, RoundCube or Squirrelmail access or access it directly using webmail ports on Godaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost etc.

Horde is a free edition of Groupware Webmail which we can easily access from Cpanel. It provides an intuitive browser-based email client with lots of features like creating, managing emails, sharing calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, bookmarks, etc. In addition, Horde Groupware Webmail Edition also includes IMP, Ingo, Kronolith, Turba, Nag, Mnemo, Gollem and Trean.

The few features of Horde are IMAP and POP3 webmail client, message filtering, message search, WYSIWIG editor,
Spell checking, keyboard navigation, IMAP folder subscriptions, IMAP shared folders, graphical emoticons and more … Learn more on the official Horde website.

We have already created an article in which we have shown how to access the RoundCube / Squirrelmail webmail with or without Cpanel and horde access is no different.

To note: The steps below are the same for Godaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost or any other hosting service.

Step 1: Create an email account on Cpanel.

The first thing we need to access our emails on horde is an email account. If you have already gone to the next steps, if not, check out this article where we have explained how to create an email account on CPanel step by step.

Step 2: Access Horde with Cpanel

Above we will show both the horde access process uses the Cpanel and the other one connects directly to webmail to access it.

So, go to your web host and open CPanel assigned for the domain with which email account you wish to access the Horde.

Click Email Accounts

At CPanel dashboard you will find several options, scroll to E-mail heading and click Email account.

Check email

To access the horde from the Cpanel email account right in front of each email id, you will find an option called Check email. The email account you want to open in Horde, select it Check email given to his forehead.

horde webmail login cpanel

Set Horde webmail as the default mailbox

Now at last we have the Web Mail Screen with Horde as well as other email client options such as Round cube. Make the Horde your default webmail app so you don’t have to choose between multiple options every time. Click on Define by default option given under the horde icon.

Select Horde as default mail on Cpanel

Step 3: Access Horde webmail without a CPanel connection

If you want to refrain again and again from accessing Webmail Horde via CPanel interface after connecting it, then follow this step. Just write down your IP address or domain name of the server and open it with the CPanel Webmail connection ports in the browser: for HTTP access use 2095 and for secure HTTPS it is 2096. For example, your server.IP.address: 2096 or a website domain name like Where

When in the browser you enter the domain name with the CPanel Webmail port, it will directly show you the Webmail login page rather than the CPanel login.

Horde webmail login cpanel

Step 4: Log into WebMail to access Horde

Use your email account ID and password on the webmail login page and you will get the Horde to access emails. If it shows multiple email clients, set default horde.

Step 5: How to change the default Horde webmail app

If you have already marked your default webmail app to horde and after a while you want to change it then simply from the Horde messaging interface, click on the top right corner The arrow given icon in front of eemail id. In the drop-down pop-up section, select, click the start icon on the front of other available webmail apps, such as RoundCube and Squirrelmail on your Cpanel.

Change the default webmail client on Cpanel

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