How to Edit and Unsend Text Messages on iPhone with iOS 16

This week, iOS 16 became available for iPhone owners to download, giving them the ability to edit and unsend iMessages.

But before we get to the heart of the matter, to my readers in the UK and across Europe, be warned: Today is when Amazon is raising the prices of its Prime subscriptions. Here’s what you’ll want to know.

Additionally, the Ethereum blockchain completed its long-awaited Merge upgrade early this morning, co-founder Vitalik Buterin said in a Twitter post.

Now on to the rest of the news.

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1. It’s here: iPhone users can now edit and unsend their texts. On Monday, Apple’s fall software update, iOS 16, became available for users to download. Insider reporter Katie Canales took the feature for a test drive – and is convinced it’s one of Apple’s most exciting software updates to date.

  • Holding down a text will give you the option to “unsend” or “edit” your message.
  • However, if you send a message to someone who has not downloaded the update, they will receive two texts: the original version and the modified version. If you unsend a message, the recipient can still see the original message on devices whose software hasn’t been updated.
  • Keep in mind that new features won’t work if you communicate with Android users and their green-colored bubbles, adding more fuel to the ongoing drama between Google and Apple.
  • Overall, though, Katie found it to be an exciting new feature to have in Apple’s toolkit – so much so that she said it might be the coolest thing to have. company has done for a long time.

Everything you need to know about unsent text messages.

In other news:

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2. Netflix has laid off 30 animation studio workers. In an email to staff on Wednesday, the company said it would shed about 2% of its animation unit. Since the start of the year, Netflix has cut more than 450 employees, as well as 70 animation contractors. Learn more about the latest Netflix cuts. Also, read the memo sent to staff.

3. A package that exploded on the campus of Northeastern University came with a note criticizing Mark Zuckerberg. CNN reported that the package — which was one of two — included a memo criticizing the Facebook founder and the relationship between academics and the advancement of virtual reality. A university employee was injured. What we know so far.

4. Craving cereal at the office? Collect donations. According to a former Amazon employee, one of the company’s managers took away a team’s cereal privilege to save money and asked staff to donate cereal instead. Everything else shared by the employee.

5. Salaries for startup founders have changed in the market downturn. New data suggests that founders in places like the Bay Area and Los Angeles have seen their salaries drop recently, perhaps in part due to a difficult venture capital funding environment and macroeconomic uncertainty. How the downturn affected the founders.

6. Google will be forced to pay more than 4 billion dollars to the European Union. The tech giant just lost its appeal in its legal battle over allegations of anti-competitive behavior by Android. Get the full recap here.

7. A startup that gives workers access to their pay as they earn it just raised $10 million in new funding. Rosaly, a French payday advance fintech start-up, wants to become a platform for the financial well-being of employees. Take a look at the pitch deck they used to entice investors and explore our library of successful pitch decks.

8. A new chart shows the tech companies with the most expensive equity compensation. Amazon and Google are leading the trend for public tech companies to dilute their shareholders as a compensation strategy to attract talent to their companies, according to Insider analysis. See where other companies fall.


Potato chips in a bowl with a few laid out to the side.

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9. Google’s newest product is… potato chips? Ahead of the release of its new Pixel 7 phone in Japan, Google has just relaunched one of its weirdest marketing ploys: releasing limited-edition potato chips in flavors like Snow Cheese and Obsidian Pepper. Check out Google Potato Chips.

10. The video shows a food delivery robot meandering through a crime scene. Posted online this week, the footage shows the robot crossing under police tape in Los Angeles and into a crime scene. Watch the little courier run through the scene.

What we’re looking at today:

  • Amazon is about to raise the price of its Prime membership in the UK.
  • NASA will provide highlights of the Perseverance rover’s exploration of Mars, a year and a half after its first landing.
  • 25 years ago, the domain name was registered.
  • The Tokyo Game Show, an entertainment and gaming event, kicks off today.

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