Local teen comes in 2nd place for national video game

Trey Pittman says the game he designed and titled ‘Lost without Light’ is a reflection of his personal life

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC – Trey Pittman just graduated from Kershaw County High School at Woodland Technology Center.

When he was in his last semester of senior year, his teacher had him entered into the national STEM Fuze game design competition.

Several weeks later, he received an email that he came in second.

The contest asked contestants to submit their games in an email and they found out via email.

Pittman said, “Everyone was surprised, you know I got a lot of great feedback from people who tried the game.”

“Well, you know, it starts with an idea, it started with a bit of game history, so you just have to figure out why people love games and try to figure out what makes a game fun, and then we moved on to learning the software and so we had to try to make what was in our head a thing,” he said.

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The idea in his head turned into a game called “Lost without Light” which he says is a reflection of his personal life confirming that “it ended up being autobiographical”.

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When explaining the game and the connection, he says, “It’s a big map with enemies on it and there are different enemies that scale in difficulty, the goal is to collect the orbs so you can open all the doors and that’s the end game which is how you win is by opening the door, and that was kind of interesting because my goal was to finish high school, get a decent GPA, but then I didn’t know not what I would do after that… so it’s interesting, there’s nothing behind the door when you go through this tough and rigorous journey.”

Pittman says “I’m going to be open about what I’m going to do but I think I’m going to stick with animation and filmmaking in general.”

To play the game, click here.