Microsoft Webmail Flaw Hackers Could Read Some Users’ Messages

For some users, this Microsoft webmail breach was worse than expected. Microsoft has confirmed a Motherboard The source claims that the hackers gained access to some of the content of the emails, not just the email addresses and subject lines. About 6 of the affected users have had their messages exposed, according to a spokesperson. It is not clear whether the intruders read the email before Microsoft blocked access to it, but the company told the The edge in a statement that the subset has received “further guidance and support”.

The same source also claimed that the hackers had access for “at least six months”, although Microsoft disputed this and argued that the access of the culprits lasted between January 1 and March 28. The attack was apparently part of an effort to hijack users’ accounts from iCloud, disabling the Activation Lock that prevents thieves from erasing data from a stolen iOS device.

It is still unclear how many people were victims of the violation. Microsoft only said there was a “limited number” of compromised accounts. However, Microsoft has hundreds of millions of webmail users with, Hotmail, and MSN accounts. Even a fraction of a percent could still represent a large number of compromised accounts.

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