Netflix’s Gorillaz animation continues; watch the news

to the band gorillas The animated film will win on Netflix. The news is a bit old and was first announced in October 2020, but so far the streaming has not provided a production update, leaving some fans skeptical about a possible cancellation of the project. .

However, during an interview with Apple Music, Damon Albarn provided the voice for Joe’s lead singer. gorillas, gave a brief update to viewers who were waiting for more details on the film. According to him, the scenario is finally being written: “I am in Los Angeles because we are making the feature film Gorillaz with Netflix. We’re doing a writing session in Malibu, ”he joked. “It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time.

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Damon was also responsible for revealing that there would be a movie about the band in 2020. At the time, the singer was talking to about the album’s release. Song Machine: Season 1 – Strange Times, which brings the series animated by the characters of the group:

“Well, when we produce the second season, we should be making a movie [de Song Machine], We sign contracts, start scripts and all that. Making an abstract animated film is a big risk for a film studio because it is very expensive. If you tell a somewhat cryptic story that only occasionally only makes sense, it’s very difficult. This is what we found. We will do this, we do that.

Song Machine, Season 1: Strange Times (Deluxe) (Image: PRESS RELEASE / Parlophone Records Ltd.)

gorillas Made in the UK in 1998 and has always been a living proposition. With four virtual members and seven records in total, the group has racked up Grammy nominations, Guinness Book records and platinum certifications throughout their career. Currently, he has sold around 15 million records worldwide.

The animation is still not scheduled for release on Netflix.

Source: RBC