Privacy-First Email Provider Letter Reports 260% Growth

  • Population expansion is expected to drive continued growth in 2021-2022
  • Launch of a global e-mail distribution network at 15 sites around the world
  • Enterprise Solution Rights Bags for Browserling Inc,, SntHostings and BMG Informatics in 2021

New Delhi, July 29, 2021: India’s leading privacy-focused email provider Letter, announces a phenomenal growth of 260%. New bookings quadrupled and the subscription of the existing customer base increased by almost 120%.

The company recently secured the enterprise solution rights for the Browserling Inc multi-browser online testing service; stealth start,; affordable web hosting, SntHostings and end-to-end IT solutions company BMG Informatics. State-of-the-art email hosting provides professional-grade email without limitations and offers exclusive features such as unlimited users, unlimited domain names, unlimited aliases, and unlimited filter rules. The enterprise solution comes with unrestricted emails, private communication with the highest security and military grade encryption, better and faster support with efficient technical support.

Driving business operations in education, IT solutions, software, industrial electronics and web hosting, Letter’s business ecosystem now includes a national and international customer base from 10 countries, including India, Portugal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, Chile and Australia.

Letter also launched a new global email distribution network. Covering 15 locations including India, France, Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Sweden, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, South Africa , Singapore, Japan and Australia, this new development has been optimized for faster access to emails. The global server allows you to send emails to free email providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yandex, Zoho, Hush, Protonmail, etc. 99.9999% deliverability. Ensuring technological excellence, the new service allows you to accept incoming e-mails even if your Letter account is deleted for maintenance, as the mail distribution network accepts mails and queues them up to that your account is restored.

Commenting on the success of Sunit Kumar Nandi, Founder and CEO of Letter said: “It has been an important trip so far. Thanks to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and global safety standards, we have seen growth of 14% month over month. Driven by early industry initiatives and technological innovations, we have succeeded in reaching strategic milestones and expanding our footprints from India to 14 countries. It is indeed overwhelming to see that our new products have been the subject of accelerated demand and trust from global customers. “

About the letter:

Founded by Sunit Kumar Nandi, student at IIT Guwahati, Letter is India’s premier privacy email provider start-up, solving the problem of email communications handled after the fact in a world where email is the backbone of everything.

Packed with an array of advanced features – an intuitive user interface, impressive performance and global security standards that pride themselves on optimal data privacy and encrypted storage for emails. The letter is available worldwide for individuals, businesses, and organizations, and email hosting plans can be purchased directly from Plans start from INR 1320 / € 15 per year for 4 GB of storage. The existing client portfolio includes individuals and companies from India, Portugal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Netherlands, UK, Japan, Brazil, Chile and Australia.

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