Internal testing here at ProPrivacy and comment threads on British Telecom’s (BT) own support forums seem to suggest that the venerable UK telecoms provider has taken steps to restrict access to its webmail platform if you connect through a VPN. Comment threads on BT’s support forums first appeared in NovemberRead More →

Popular webmail services such as Roundcube, SquirrelMail, and Horde allow you to access and use the personalized @ email address connected to your website. To avoid missing priority emails, you can set up email forwarders to send a copy of each incoming email to a predefined email address, orRead More →

Time Warner Cable (TWC) was a US cable television company that Charter Communications acquired in 2016. After the initial acquisition, the Internet service operated under the name “Road Runner” was renamed and integrated with “Spectrum Internet”. Despite the rebranding of TWC, the company decided to keep the existing email addressesRead More →

As a leading telecommunications company, Shaw is committed to providing customers with seamless connectivity and a user-friendly experience. Having served customers for over 50 years, Shaw now offers a wide variety of Internet and other telecommunications services. Shaw Webmail is another easy to use service provided by the Canadian telecommunicationsRead More →

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The University of Texas at El Paso said all email accounts were restored, along with webmail, on Friday night. The university also said it had confirmed that UTEP’s backup servers had not been compromised and that PeopleSoft and payroll had not been affected. UTEP willRead More →

Image: Nikola Johnny Mirkovic A special function Cyber ​​warfare and the future of cybersecurity Today’s security threats have increased in scope and severity. Millions, if not billions, of dollars can now be at risk when information security is not managed properly. Read more State-sponsored hackers used a zero-day vulnerability toRead More →

Some users of Microsoft’s webmail services, such as, had their account information exposed in an incident which, as later became known, also impacted email content. Microsoft has acknowledged a security incident that for nearly three months allowed hackers to gain access to information relating to an unknown number ofRead More →

Hackers compromised Microsoft’s webmail services, including accounts and MSN and Hotmail addresses, for months using the credentials of a customer support agent. In an email sent to affected users, Microsoft said hackers could potentially gain access to email addresses, email subject lines, folder labels, and names of other emailRead More →

Microsoft has reported a breach of its webmail service that exposed a “limited” number of email accounts to criminal intrusion. Compromised Microsoft webmail services Microsoft has confirmed TechCrunch today that some of their webmail users saw their email accounts exposed to intruders between January 1 and March 28 after obtainingRead More →

Several student email accounts were phished on Sunday, September 6. Since phishing is an Internet scam, it is important to disregard emails that do not represent known organizations. “Phishing is an Internet scam and a viable way to get your personal information,” said Mike Asoodeh, chief information officer. “Please noteRead More →

For most people, webmail is their primary personal account – used for everything from keeping in touch with friends and relatives to dealing with banks, government, shopping sites, and other online services. . The ‘Big 3’ are Google’s Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and from Microsoft (formerly Hotmail), and even twoRead More →

Yahoo Mail will be end-to-end encrypted next year, the company promises. yahoo LAS VEGAS – Your webmail will be more secure from prying eyes – sometime next year. That’s the promise Yahoo and Google make to users of their email services, who together make up the vast majority of webmailRead More →

Aol breaks with the past with a new webmail app. Through JOANNA STERN October 17, 2012, 20:35 • 4 minutes to read Share on FacebookShare on twitterEmail this article October 18, 2012 ?? — “You have an email!” Ah, the words so many of us associate with our first emailRead More →

Microsoft is replacing its Hotmail webmail service with a new browser-based version of Outlook, its desktop email application. The company said the new webmail site will have a cleaner look and work well with smartphones and tablets. It will remove display ads and large search boxes that take up spaceRead More →