Telkom webmail: common settings and problems

Telkom is the region’s largest telecommunications service provider. The company supports residential, small and business customers with Internet, voice, messaging and mail services. Telkom’s messaging services have attracted undue attention in the recent past, with affected users stepping up their protests on major social media platforms. We have analyzed and presented some useful Telkom webmail settings to help you troubleshoot common email issues.

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The complexity of any successful business is never without black spots, and this time it’s Telkom’s webmail. Reports of failed Telkom messaging systems reached their highest level, with many customers complaining about its lack of response. Users having difficulty with Telkom emails can now sigh with relief even if they apply some of the following simple solutions.

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Why Telkom emails do not work

For starters, each company’s broadband or Internet offering has a free email account that can be set up in Apple Mail, Outlook, or any other email program. By configuring this email one can receive emails through an internet browser anytime and anywhere. However, recent reports of webmail challenges have left many users with “@” addresses unable to receive or send email for some time now.

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Most of the users primarily expressed concern about failure or limited access to webmail clients. While infrequent interruptions aren’t a problem, the experience is even more pronounced among mobile service users who often go days without accessing their mail. Most of those affected admit to having spent about two days in a row without mail.

Recent calls for support from Telkom revealed that the service was not working, having no ETA on a resolution.

Telkom e-mail does not receive and Telkom e-mails do not send

The past few months have not been easy for Telkom webmail users. The issue appears to remain unsolved even after the company confirms swift action. The company’s support team is actively working to address customer concerns, even if multiple mailboxes remain inaccessible.

In one response, the carrier admitted that all messaging services were disrupted by an issue with Symantec Message Gateway. Even after fixing this issue, several customers still do not have access to their emails. It is now clear that the solution was short lived and could hardly last long enough.

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The recurrence of Telkom messaging issues has affected many of their customers, judging by the number of complaints recorded on their customer support pages.

The company explains

In response to the problems encountered on May 27, 2019, the company pointed out the failure of its third-party service, which filters spam.

“Last weekend a third-party service used by Telkom that helps manage spam and malware encountered minor issues…

How to use and configure my Telkom messaging system?

Telkom mail settings are simple and always handy for solving most of your mailbox problems. It is recommended that you use port 25 by default for all outgoing servers in situations where the port is not specified.

Common outgoing servers for sending emails

For Telkom:

  • ADSL: or or
  • Mobile (LTE):
  • Mobile (8TA): or or
  • Analogue remote access:, or

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An email was sent to me, but I did not receive it. Why?

Telkom messaging systems always scan new documents before completing their transfer. In some cases, customers do not receive emails because of a detected virus. The company deletes all emails containing viruses to protect your device from damage. Also check your webmail settings to make sure that you receive all emails without encountering any issues.

How to use and configure my Telkom messaging system?

Webmail Telkom uses Microsoft Exchange Outlook Express to make sending and receiving mail easy and affordable.

Outgoing mail and inbound domain mail

  • (ADSL clients)

How to create a Telkom email account?

New and existing users can configure their emails with the help of the Telkom support team. Existing users should be able to provide their Telkom webmail credentials when required by the system. It is advisable to frequently change the Telkom e-mail password to secure your e-mail account.

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Telkom South Africa is one of South Africa’s fastest growing wireline and wireless telecommunications companies. This giant company is semi-privatized and prides itself on its competitive services and overwhelming presence in over 38 states across Africa.

Telkom webmail
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All high-speed Internet or Telkom customers benefit from a free e-mail account. However, the size of the mailbox varies depending on the package chosen. Individuals and businesses experiencing email issues should use the Telkom webmail settings provided to facilitate sending and receiving emails. Please feel free to contact the company on their customer service number or on various customer service social media platforms for instant help on Telkom email support.


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