‘This Is Us’ Final Season: Who Will Kevin Marry In The Future?

East It’s us about to put a ring on it? What does mean FBI have you planned the final salvo of this season? Are Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy lovers and/or fighters? Read on for answers to these questions as well as teases from other shows. (You can and should email any new Qs to [email protected].)

Do we have to wait until It’s us‘ series finale to find out who Kevin ends up with? I hope it’s sooner, that we have some time to see who it is as a couple. -Laura
As you’ve probably guessed since that Q was sent, this Tuesday’s episode will follow each of the assorted “clues” that those over-excited sleuths Beth and Madison showed up on the morning of the wedding – because they don’t point not all to the same woman! And without spoiling anything more, I can say that “The Night Before The Wedding” is an emotional one-episode roller coaster, and it features (almost) Uncle Nicky’s TMI plus one of Randall’s most diverted pep never speaks.

I like the resident‘s Kit and Bell together! Could we see them get married before the end of the season? –DJR
Funny you might ask: The M-word pops up between Kit and Bell on this Tuesday’s episode of the Fox drama…but maybe not in the most romantic of circumstances.

Any Carisi-centric scoop you can provide for these SVU eps of the season? –Anna
I hear that the 21st episode of this season will test Carisi’s faith when a childhood friend, who later became a priest, comes forward as a suspect. (If you need help with the math, Episode 19 airs this Thursday, FYI.)

Any info on The cleaning lady? — Halo
Now that the Fox drama has been renewed for Season 2, you can expect to hear a bit more about Agent Miller’s (played by Oliver Hudson) origin story, including his checkered past in the FBI. “There’s a lot of backstory that we worked with him,” showrunner Melissa Carter shares. “His history of bending FBI rules, in an effort to take down the bad guys, is something that hangs over his reputation like a specter.” Additionally, as series creator Miranda Kwok teases, “His identity will also be in question. Even if he think he’s the good guy, he obviously isn’t. The point is, he was a hypocrite and will face every decision he makes.

Lizzie Hope LegacyWith Legacy‘ Hope and Lizzie are both back at school, can we expect to see a deeper conversation between them? It looks like they have a ground talk about. – Sayra
Indeed, Hope and Lizzie “both made some pretty serious mistakes this season, and everyone at school is being forced to deal with the fallout,” notes EP Brett Matthews. “So yes, they will talk about these issues – and more importantly, what can be done to correct them.”

What’s going on with Familiar Season 2? It wasn’t on Fox’s summer schedule. Is it cancelled? – Sat
No, Season 2 is still in production (animation takes time!), its premiere date TBD.

I will miss Maggie, but is there any scoop on the next FBI episodes without it? –Dana
Showrunner Rick Eid told me that this week’s episode “is an exciting episode about a serial killer that has a really big twist.” After that, it’s “a very powerful and moving OA (Zeeko Zaki) episode that deals with her past, being in the military,” followed by an “interesting episode in which Tiffany (Katherine Renee Turner) and Nina (Shantel VanSanten) are kind to conflict over a certain situation, and that brings us to the season finale, which features “a very personal and moving story for Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) and his son.”

Chicago Fire DaltonAny final chicago fire scoops for the season? –Meg
Well, I have good news for fans of Brett Dalton’s character, who has taken a job at another fire station so Stella can take over as Truck 81’s lieutenant. “We’re going to see Pelham again before the end of the season,” executive producer Derek Haas told TVLine exclusively. Adds EP Andrea Newman: “The character has proven such loyalty to [Firehouse] 51. It was really cool to see him bond and find his place there. And it’s good to have it in the CFD world.

Are there any plans for Reach Will the characters from Season 1 also appear in Season 2? –Denis
It sounds like maybe… but also maybe not. When asked about the possible postponement of any Season 1 co-star(s), showrunner Nick Santora said, “I’m going to say this, and I’m not trying to be shy or cute: you never know if a character might come back. We might have a great idea and say, “You know what? Maybe that character can work in season 2 or season 3,” then you bring him back for a bit or for an extended visit. That said, “Reacher is not a character who runs around with an entourage,” the EP recalled. “He’s a lone wolf, so you have to stick to that.”

anything on The end game? -I
Yes! But I can’t share it yet. Come back Tuesday, though….

harley quinnAny updates on Harley Quinn Season 3? –Eric
I asked The stewardessis Kaley Cuoco what awaits her fantastic animated alter ego, and she immediately began to rave about the existence of “so lots of good stuff!” in season 3, including a slew of “brilliant” celebrity guest voices. crazier and crazier,” Cuoco added — and yes, Harley and Ivy are still fine. “They just live their lives, love each other, fight…” Cuoco said. central to this season, and it’s hilarious and actually really, really adorable.”

When SEAL Team Air of season 6? –Connie
Well, filming doesn’t even start until the end of May, so…

All About Dick and Kory in Season 4 of Titans? -Celestial
If you mean romantically, Brenton Thwaites, when I last spoke to him, felt that the canonical coupling already had its moment under the live-action sun. “We explored that quite carefully in Season 1,” he noted when I nudged him about possibly rekindling that flame. “As much as I love this story and I loved what we did, [Dick and Kory] somehow come to an agreement, or we kind of just realized, that we work best as friends. And in seasons 2 and 3, we worked together more professionally, but also as friends.

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