Voyager’ in the style of ‘The Animated Series’ + Creator Interview –

In April, a video recreating a clip from Star Trek: The Next Generation in the manner of Star Trek: The Animated Series went viral, with over 400,000 views. Now the same Gazelle Automations team is back and this time they support Star Trek: Voyager.

of the Traveler “Threshold” comes alive

For Traveler Gazelle took on a bigger challenge, with almost six minutes of animation, compared to just over two minutes for the TNG video. Once again, it’s lovingly recreated in the 1970s Filmation style of The animated series, including music and sounds. There are even deep TAS cameos. And to add a bit of fun, they use the notorious “Threshold” episode.

Interview with the creator

Gazelle Automations was founded by Justin and Lindsay Lee. Based in Toronto, Canada, Gazelle Automations aims to create entertainment with the magic of puppetry, miniature models and animation. They work with Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds, ITV, BBC, CBC and others. As we did with the last video, we reached out to Justin via email to let him know how they put it all together.

Why did you choose Traveler as the next challenge, and why “Threshold”?

Since Traveler comes from a similar era of Trek to TNG, I thought it would be fun to “translate” that world again in the TAS style. As for the snippet I chose, I went through episode lists over and over for ages until I decided on “Threshold”. To me, there’s something TAS-y about the crew members turning into salamanders (“The Ambergris Element” comes to mind). And to answer the obvious, I picked what is considered an awful episode of Trek, just to see how it would work as a Saturday morning cartoon.

This one was way harder than TNG:TAS, but of course I did that to myself! I wanted to do the whole Janeway bit in the hallway for them to find the babies, and that meant a lot more backgrounds, characters, etc. Also, the original segment has a lot of long takes on the actors, which just doesn’t work in that style, so I ended up drawing a lot more stuff to be able to cut stuff out and keep it visually interesting.

What are your favorite deep cuts you put in this one?

My wife and fellow Gazelle Automations producer, Lindsay Lee, loves Em/3/Green (he’s currently the lock screen on his phone, no kidding), so making the officer conn someone of that unnamed race was really fun. And unlike TNG:TAS which only showed a handful of regulars, I wanted to show ALL Traveler main actor in Filmation style somewhere, so one, in particular, had to be snuck into a shot.

So, will there be others?

Maybe there will be others? I never thought I’d make a second one, so…

In the wings

Following the release of the original TNG video in April, Gazelle posted a video showing how they put it together.