Which email provider is right for you?

If there’s one thing we all use the internet for, it’s sending and receiving e-mail. Despite this, we often don’t take the time to find the best free email provider for our needs.

But what’s the difference between email service providers, anyway?

If you’ve only used one, you might put up with things you don’t even like or do what you need to. There can be big differences between providers.

Three of the most popular free email services in UK are:

Gmail Google’s email service is free and gives you 15 gigabytes of storage space. You can customize the appearance of your page and take advantage of other Google services from the “applications” icon at the top of the page. Gmail displays ads, but they’re placed in the sidebar and easy to ignore

Yahoo! This email service provider was one of the most popular in the world until the arrival of Gmail. If you’re an accumulator or don’t want to worry about deleting emails, Yahoo! gives you unlimited space. It can also load faster than some of its competition because it doesn’t rely on JavaScript like some others. On the other hand, you will get ads, but you can hide them quite easily.

Hotmail or Outlook When you sign up for a Microsoft Outlook account, you can choose between a hotmail.com address or an outlook.com address. Like its competition, Microsoft’s email comes with advertisements, but many users say they are the more discreet of the three. Outlook gives you unlimited storage space.

Arguably the unlimited storage space offered by Outlook and Yahoo! is not a major problem. Google’s “limit” of 15 gigabytes is still a huge amount of space, although you have to keep an eye on your emails and other documents that are piling up, especially since it has a function. archive that you may not be aware of.

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Choosing the best email service provider for you

The most important things to look for in any email service provider include:

Flexibility YesYou need to be able to use your service on all your devices, including your computers and smartphone.

Anti spam Your email should filter out any spam and place it in a separate folder.

Virus protection some e-mail attachments may contain viruses. A good email service will give you built-in virus protection.

We spend a lot of time using email and like to feel comfortable with whatever app we choose. If you are bothered by pop-up ads or banners, choose the free service with the least annoying ad placement. If you still can’t stand ads, you will need to go for a paid service.

If you frequently use email for work, look for features that help you get your job done. Gmail, for example, has a “To Do” feature that will remind you of things you need to do.

Your email should be easy to use. Most email service providers are fairly easy to use for basic tasks like reading and writing, but you don’t want to have to research their more advanced features. One click should be enough to view or add an attachment, change your font size, or mark an email as spam.

Like any other free online service, each email provider has its pros and cons. One person will passionately love a service that another person will hate just as passionately.

Before you buy a car, you compare the models. You can also do this by email, but remember: when you send an email, the recipient is likely to keep your email address.

If you don’t like the service and choose a different one, don’t forget to remind your contacts of your change of address.

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