Would the Premier League abroad ever be such a bad thing? – Athleticism

the premier league seeks to grow and, as explained by David Ornstein, it means “significant games” abroad. The league was quick to insist that there wouldn’t be any away regular season games, but it’s unclear what the future will look like. The first step is likely to be an enhanced preseason tournament, but this is only the start of a “roadmap” for these “competitive matches”.

The reaction has been generally dismissive from fans, so we figured we’d let two of our writers debate it and then you can tell them why they’re wrong.

Would Premier League games abroad be a good thing or not? Choose your side …

Don’t dismiss foreign fans, they care too

Joey D’Urso

Earlier this year, a source close to the Super League proposals used the term “legacy fans” in an unfavorable comparison with “fans of the future” scattered around the world.

As a lifelong regular at Villa Park, a few miles from where I was born and raised, I am a proud fan of the heritage and have been dutifully enraged by this sad saga. So you might expect that one day I would get annoyed at the idea of ​​a Premier League game on foreign soil. But I am not. I like the idea.

There are a lot of things fans are angry about right now, from the Super League disaster to Champions League reforms this will mean more tedious group matches and injuries, and a further devaluation of the national cups.