Xsolla Web Shop Authorizes 700 Payment Gateways Worldwide for In-App Purchases

Xsolla, which recently unveiled its flagship online store Xsolla to help game developers increase revenue by 40% and grow globally, announced that it now accepts more than 700 local payment options in the world to make it easier for players to make direct purchases with their payment of choice. This is of utmost importance following the fact that Apple recently allowed developers to collect player contact information and use that information to contact those players to process payments outside of in-app purchases.

Continuing to provide more revenue opportunities for mobile game developers, Xsolla Web Shop allows developers to host a white label store on their own websites for the purchase of in-game items, virtual currencies, subscriptions and player accounts for just five percent per transaction. . “Xsolla anticipated this seismic shift earlier this year when we launched several products that are actively used by some of the world’s largest gaming companies. We have now combined these products and learnings into a sleek new solution called Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Games, designed to increase revenue for developers and help them build closer relationships with their players, ”said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla .

With Xsolla Web Shop, game developers can secure huge operational savings over traditional in-app payment options and keep more revenue in their pockets. Without any pyramid scheme, there is complete transparency between players and developers as the entire gaming experience becomes an engaging and interactive process.

The online store doesn’t require complicated back-end coding or extensive design work, and developers can get started right away. The simple onboarding steps are outlined in the latest blog post from Xsolla. Once an online store is live, developers can let their players know about the possibility of shopping online through multiple communication methods such as email, social media, newsletters, Discord servers, etc.