YouTube has removed popular ‘Lofi Girl’ streams after receiving false and ‘abusive’ copyright claims

  • Popular Youtube flows managed by Lofi girl were wrongly removed by the platform due to false copyright infringement warnings.
  • The company in a tweet apologized and promised to restore streams.

YouTube on Monday admitted to inappropriately removing several live streams from one of the platform’s most popular accounts, Lofi Girl, apologizing and promising to restore the channels within two days.

Lofi Girl claimed on Sunday that her accounts had been the target of baseless claims of copyright infringement, tweeting “lofi radios have been taken down due to fake copyright strikes”. A screenshot of an email sent by YouTube attached to the tweet read “hip hop radio lofi – beats for chilling out/studying” and a copyright strike was added to the account. The tweet garnered over 96,000 likes, a sign of the account’s immense popularity.

Another of Lofi Girl’s popular streams, “beats to sleep/chill to”, was also removed following a fake copyright warning. The channel was created by French musician Dmitri in 2015 and is one of the longest-running live videos in YouTube history, according to a report from VICE.

Her most popular video, “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to”, features a now widely recognizable image of a lively woman working at a desk wearing headphones while quiet music plays in the background. The account has more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube, and its two most popular live streams, which were removed by YouTube, have nearly 800 million total views. It was renamed to its original name, ChilledCow, last year.

In a tweet sent early Monday, a YouTube spokesperson “confirmed that the takedown requests were abusive,” adding that the platform had terminated the complainant’s account. He said he removed the copyright strikes added to the account after the fake report. As Insider previously reported, false copyright strikes have long been a problem for YouTube and its creators, as bad actors sometimes falsely flag videos they don’t like, which can lead to their deletion.

According to YouTube Community Guidelines, a copyright strike serves as a strike, but if an account accumulates three strikes during its lifetime, it is subject to termination and banned from viewing. user to create other YouTube accounts.

Lofi Girl’s live streams weren’t restored Monday afternoon, but the company said in its tweet that it could be 24-48 hours before they reappear on the site.

The Lofi Girl account has faced similar removals from YouTube in the past. In February 2020, YouTube terminated Lofi Girl’s channel, then called ChilledCow, for violating terms of service. In this case, YouTube has also restored the channel and said the deletion was a mistake.

“We have shared comments with our review team to prevent similar errors from occurring in the future,” the @TeamYouTube account tweeted at the time.

The channel was also removed in 2017 for using footage from the movie “Whisper of the Heat,” though it was eventually restored upon its return with custom animation, VICE reported.