Zajjle search engine, webmail and data analytics now available in the Middle East

Ahmad A Najar, the founder of CatchFood and, introduced a new website called Zajjle. Zajjle is Ahmad A Najar’s new website and is now available at Zajjle is an Arabic search engine with many benefits. Besides offering the main function of Arabic language search engine, it also has additional features like webmail and website statistics and data analysis. Privacy Focused, Zajjle Data Analytics.

Real-time web analytics with privacy and simplicity at heart. People in Middle Eastern countries can access the Arabic language website to search for current news, website address, videos and photos. “I am proud and excited to launch our Arabic language search engine. I hope that in the future, Zajjel will bring many benefits to many people, ”said Ahmad A Najar, the founder of Zajjle. Zajjle was founded in 2020 and started working there in mid-2021 after preparing the servers and databases.

In addition to the Arabic language search engine, Zajjle also has other great features like webmail and website data analysis. Website owners can register with the website to get these features. These great features are free and available at With the data analysis feature, website owners can get website statistical data to optimize their website performance. It features real-time website traffic, visitor behavior, geography, visitor device / software, custom event creation and many more. The best feature of the website data analysis features is that the website statistical report can be exported in CSV format. Moreover, anyone can also get their @ ​​ email address and access their personal messaging services for free. Zajjle founder and CEO Ahmad A Najar said. “The service will be free. With all the services we will provide, we are setting future plans in which our engines will thrive, such as the web browser and apps. We work hard with our team to complete all the tasks.

Ahmad A Najar, CEO and Founder of Zajjle, is an entrepreneur who created CatchFood and Catchfood is a successful restaurant and food delivery management platform. He has served countries like United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, America and Canada. is a popular Arabic agricultural platform that connects people interested in the agricultural industry to change ideas, increase knowledge and communicate with professionals in the agricultural industry. is an Arabic search engine with website statistics and zajjle data analytics functionality. It helps people find Arabic language webpages, news, videos or images and get free website analytics data reports. Additionally, the Zajjle search engine was created by Ahmad A Najar, CEO of Catchfood and Founder of Restaurant management CatchFood is one of Ahmad A Najar’s successful startups with over 6 million orders and 2 million subscribers. For more information on the Zajjle search engine and data analysis site, please visit

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